1. Please be aware of your child at all times. Your child is your responsibility.
  2. We promote kind hands and kind feet at all times, we do understand children can get excited.
  3. Please leave socks on at all times
  4. This is an unsupervised play area.
  5. Strictly NO food/drinks or shoes in the play area.
  6. Please help us keep the area clean, by putting litter in the bins provided and ensuring there is no food left on the floor.
  7. Please do not place nappies in the bins; there is a specific nappy bin in the toilet area.
  8. No photography please.
  9. If your child has an accident of any kind please make a member of staff aware.
  10. If your child likes throwing balls out of the ball pit, please help us by putting them back in.
  11. Thank you for your help in making this a fun and safe play area.
  12. Vehicles, vehicle contents and all personal belongings are left at your own risk. We are not held responsible for any loss or damage.